Volume 17

October 2018

Issue 8 Page 2

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  o Women in Ministry
       Part 7 Lisa Brown
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  o Womenís Bible Study
  o Finding I Am
       By Lysa Terkeurst

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  o Welcome to my
      Kitchen -
        Cathy Sifuentez
    o  Slow Cooker
       Chicken Adobo
    o Crispy black bean
       tacos with feta and
       cabbage slaw

Pate 5:
Silver Linings
       by Gina Newton

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Women's Newsletter
      Mission Statement

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needed to adopt flower beds. Loving gardening, I thought maybe that was for me. So, I asked for a bed and was told I could have my pick. No one else had volunteered yet. I cleaned out the small bed I chose (You donít want to get too involved all at once, you know!) and stood back. Not bad, but the bed next to it didnít look too good! The next week, I asked if it had been claimed and was told I could have it too. No one had spoken for it. Before I knew it, Iíd moved from bed to bed. Now, this was something I could do to help! I didnít feel vocal enough or bold enough to talk to people about Jesus (Stop laughing, small group!), but I could dig holes with the best of them! Looking back, Iím sure God was trying not to laugh out loud! He had plans for me I never could have foreseen. Working in the gardens week after week, people from the neighborhood began talking to me as they walked by. It usually began with questions about plants or advice to make our flowers grow better. Some asked if they could help. I started bringing extra shovels and rakes just in case. Maybe because I was working or because I hadnít tried to plan something to say ahead of time or maybe because God knows better than I do, I found it natural to turn our chance

 conversations into visits about Jesus and his church and how life could be so good with Him. Hoeing weeds, I invited more people to come be with us at Central than in all my years as a Christian. Honestly, many of those conversations began because people had come by enough times that we could visit about their dog or grandchild or aging mother. And it was all because I called about a line in the bulletin. Iíve been blessed more than anyone by adopting that first bed. Iíve met so many good people in this neighborhood and at Central and am so much more comfortable talking about our Savior. I wonít always be the Ďgardening for Jesusí lady. Seasons in ministry change just like seasons in the gardens. I do plan to keep my eyes and heart open to Godís plans for me and I pray that you will too. Iím sure it will be a surprise!!