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September 2018

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Women's Newsletter
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6 Back-to-School Self-Care Tips for Moms

by Julie Burton

…if moms are intentional about the way they approach a new school year, they can significantly reduce their own stress so they are better able to help their children start the school year on a positive note. As Andrew J. Bernstein says, “Remember that stress does not come from what’s going on in your life. It comes from your thoughts about .

1. Be Positive
… emphasize the positive aspects of going back to school… talk about your happy memories …letting them know that you still remember how nervous you were to start a new year. Remind yourself and your children to find gratitude in this transition and for the gift of education.

2. Remember It’s Their Homework, Not Yours
… setting boundaries and realistic expectations around homework is very important for both mom and child…encourage your child to try her homework on her own first… to talk to his teacher if he doesn’t understand something (which teaches him how to advocate for himself).
Finally, when and if you do help with homework assignments on occasion…remind yourself and your child that it is his homework, not yours …

3. Accept That Sometimes You’ll Have To Say “No”
…you can still say no…Be honest with yourself about how much you can take on and stay true to your boundaries.

4. Don’t Forget That It Takes A Village
Allow yourself to ask for help. Car pool… divide up kid and school related responsibilities…encourage [your children] to do as many of these tasks on their own as they can.  Lean on your community… when you need extra help or support.

5. Get Organized
We have a big whiteboard in our kitchen where we write the kids’ activities and my husband’s and my evening commitments for the week. This helps everyone see what the week looks like and then my husband and I figure out how we will divide and conquer. We also have a place on the white board for kids to write down what they need as things come up in school…

6. Prioritize Mental Health
No matter if you stay at home, work part or full time, back to school can be a very stressful time for both kids and parents. To ease some of the inevitable stress…make sure to prioritize your mental health. Just as you encourage your children to exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep, make sure that you are doing the same…

Reprinted excerpt from www.gethealthyu.com/6-back-school-self-care-tips-moms/