Volume 17

September 2018

Issue 7 Page 2

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  o Women in Ministry
       Part 6 Adley Gray
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       By Lysa Terkeurst

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      Care Tips for Moms

 Page 6:
Women's Newsletter
      Mission Statement

     I believe that one of the main ways that God uses my gifts for His ministry is through relationships. I strongly believe that everyone has a desire to feel both understood and loved. The sad fact is

through conversations. American teenagers often have a hard time talking about their emotions in a transparent way, so being someone who will listen is often a great  way for me to bless others.

 that there are MANY people who lack one or both of those things. Because of that, the natural human defenses are to either talk more about ourselves to gain the attention that we crave, or to hide within the crowd to avoid painful


     A second main outlet of ministry is teaching Bible studies. I teach 2 bible studies regularly, including one for my peers at school and the other for the Central middle school girls. These years of leading Bible studies have

  experiences. Once I realized that, I was able to more easily understand other people and connect with them, which has affected my ministry greatly. Rather than walk up to someone and start a conversation about religion, which isnít always comfortable for me, Iíve been trying over the last few years to retrain myself to focus on loving others where theyíre at. Most of the time, the best way to do this is just to show up, be there, and listen. I would definitely identify this practice as one of my main outlets for ministry, so I constantly try to make the effort to meet someone new, talk to the quiet kid sitting by themself, or engage my friends in deeper levels of relationship

a blessing, and I often find that I learn as much or more from others in the study than I have prepared to teach. There truly is something beautiful and powerful about believers gathering to study Godís word and keep each other accountable.

     I believe that all types of ministry are important in their own way, as long as they bring glory to God, but I think that there are times when we can only plant seeds and itís not in our power to water them. Luckily, we serve a God who makes it His priority to water those seeds. In the meantime, I think I, as well as the church as a whole, have been called to show up, be there, and listen.