Volume 17

August 2018

Issue 6 Page 3

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  o Women in Ministry
       Part 5
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  o Welcome to my
      Kitchen -
        Cathy Sifuentez
    o  One-Pot Salsa Beef
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low Cooked
        Orange Chicken

Pate 5:
  o Crazy Trust
      by Gina Newton

 Page 6:
Women's Newsletter
      Mission Statement

Yep! Itís true! Dorcas House is moving! The current location is coming down and being replaced with parking spaces and Dorcas House is getting more square feet in exchange! And we are so excited!

No one could have envisioned the extent of the ministry outreach that Dorcas House has become! From sewing for local and foreign charities to offering sewing classes to providing yarn for blankets  for babies, Dorcas House has grown beyond our little corner!

We will be taking over the newly acquired 501Fit building on the corner of 16th and Monroe. Before we move in, it will be refurbished from new heating and cooling units to storage and paint to a security system to ensure the safety of our women and children while they are working and learning and ministering!

 So bear with us as we relocate. We canít entertain just now, but would welcome the opportunity to show you around when we get settled in a few weeks!