Volume 17

July 2018

Issue 5 Page 2

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 Page 6:
Women of the Word with
     Kimberly Black -
      children's books writer


turmoil and constant arguing, a home where peace did not exist. Through these experiences, I learned how important it is to choose your mate wisely! Know the man you marry and his background.

God. He was pruning me to become his own.

As a young adult, God put a godly man in my life. After dating for two years,  I knew he was the right

 If he doesnít change before you marry, he surely wonít change after marriage! This is an extremely valuable lesson.
Even though I didnít know God, I somehow believed that, if I prayed, someone would hear my prayers. The first prayer I prayed was that my mother,


 man for me to spend my life with. We married and soon after hat I was immersed into Christ! God entrusted us with two children, a son and a daughter. We loved God, each other, and our children. Our home was filled with love, peace, and security, patterned after

whom I loved, would take my brother and me away from our father. I prayed that same prayer many times, and when that prayer was answered, I began to know there was a God and that He answers prayers and that He loves us! When my mother finally realized that my dad was not going to change, she divorced him. Because my dad never gave any financial help for my brother and me, out of necessity, we moved in with my grandparents. This event changed my life! I came from a home void of love between my parents to a home where there was love, peace and security! I began to learn about Godís love for us and that He loved us even before we were born. He had been watching over us from the beginning! This was the second event that drew me into a relationship with

my home with my grandparents. God challenged us by giving us a daughter who was born with a profound hearing loss, unable to benefit from amplification. Again, another step in my walk with Christ! We learned that we desperately needed God. We had no idea what to do for her, so we leaned wholly on Him. He guided us every step of the way as we raised her to be an independent, happy individual. Even though it was a very difficult time dealing with the day to day challenges that come with a child with special needs, these challenges just drew my husband and me closer to God and to each other.

After 54 years of marriage, my husband was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Within three months of battling cancer, God 

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