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June 2018

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But the more that this speaker talked, the more it became obvious that he was someone to be trusted. A person who didnít want all the dirty drama for the sake of a good story. A person who didnít want someone to reveal their deepest and darkest secret just so he could gain a little more popularity. No, this was a

minister. It doesnít matter that heís a man. Every single man, women, young, old, girl, boy, child can do exactly what heís doing. Listening.

And do we?

What would happen if each one of us took the time to simply listen? To become such a trusted person with no

person to be trusted because he listened. And if that meant he would sit down with a person and hear about the hardest, most unthinkable parts of their life, then he would.


other agenda asyou listen to stories of humanity being told to you by friends, co-workers, colleagues. I wonder who in each of our lives has things they want to say that they feel

And if that meant that he would sit down with a person and hear a cheesy knock-knock joke shared with him, then great! Whatever he was about to hear from the person he approached, there was one thing at the core: his intention was to share stories about humanity for the sake of bringing people together. Through these hard, funny, heartbreaking, unbelievable stories, a community was created. A real, a broken, a hopeful community.

And isnít that Gospel?

I think back to how many times God was mentioned in this manís speech (zero) but then I think about what heís doing. Heís ministering. Even if heís not aware of it himself, this man is a full-time minister without being paid to be a full-time min

 like canít be said. Unlike the lecture, though, we canít leave God out of the picture. Heís not only apart, but Heís the one in control. So if we listen AND bring Godís grand story into play, how could these same hard, funny, heartbreaking, unbelievable stories that we hear be redeemed? What would those stories look like after the grace of God?
Ministry and ministry tactics and my own personal spiritual journey are all things that are ever-evolving, growing, and changing. But one thing that I strive to do more of is listen. And what comes along with that action is God-given compassion. Heightened empathy. Characteristics that I donít have or embody on my own. A stirring and deeper desire


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