Volume 17

May 2018

Issue 3 Page 2

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Women in Ministry
       Part 2
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  o Sewing  Camp
  o My Anchor
     by Rashele Martinez

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  o Welcome to my
      Kitchen -
        Cathy Sifuentez
    o  Huevos Rancheros
    o Mediterranean
        Chicken Skillet

Page 5:
  o Mama
      by Alice Edwards &
      Shelley Collins

 Page 6:
  o Miss a Recipe or
  o Mission Statement


When I started grade school I had one friend, Jessy, that I knew before class. That's because our parents
volunteered together at the fire department. Immediately the world collided into me, and I started feeling lost. The reality of this world escaped me and the more people that entered my life the more alone I became. My dad

 a few years later and she came along I saw life beautiful again. After my parents long drawn out divorce I swore off a family life yet here I was with desire to love and be loved in my little family, but I didn't know God, nor did I know God was who did that for me. God gives and He takes away.
Today my children live with their dads
 was   either at work or at work in our garage; my mom was climbing the ladder of success in her career.  People overwhelmed me, and because no one could see Jesus, including me, and  andbeautiful step-moms, two woman that stepped up and into the position that God prepared just for them, just like He set me apart and showed me that He was the one who blessed me that

no  one really expanded on the spirit of Christ it seemed He couldn't be real.  What I could see blinded me.

From ages 5 to 9 I remember feeling sad, confused, lonely and weird.  By the time I was 9 to 15 I became fighting mad, full of anger and then I rebelled completely.  I blamed the world and doubted God was.  I spent the next years struggling with suicidal ideations that turned into several attempts, as well as drug use and addiction to numb the pain of feeling void.  I saw no miracle in man and I was disappointed that I lived.

When I was 20 I got pregnant, that was the light of life that shined as the first miracle I could see. God placed this new desire in me.  When that sonogram should his heart beating, so did mine. God introduced me to my daughterís dad

 He was and that He wanted all of us. Today I know Jesus. He reigns my life, every part.  I received Salvation, mercy, grace and love through the Son of God, Christ Jesus, by asking humbly for Him to do for me what I couldn't do for myself.  His promises are good and His word is truth - I live in it every day. I still have human emotions of pain, grief and sometimes loneliness, but I just call on His Name.  I no longer suffer with crippling depression or suicidal ideations.  My life is full of joy. Even though itís not perfect, His love is.  I canít quote scripture, I can't preach or teach the Gospel, but the good news is He saves. I can share my experience, strength and hope with others all day!! If that means I minster then that's how I do.  I've received his salvation and I know you can too!