Volume 17

April 2018

Issue 2 Page 5

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Women in Ministry
       Part 1 - Continued
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     From that day, I began to read the word and I prayed to God asking for forgiveness of all the things I placed before Him. I began to read and read until I couldn't read anymore. My eyes would become watery. Those scriptures began to speak out loud to me internally. The more those scriptures showered LORD and for His kingdom. So it's that sensational yearning inside me that makes me know God is calling me to the ministry. I don't think to preach but to be the best servant I can possibly be.
Acts 26:16 means for me not to sit on those urges and burning sensations but pursue Him and His calling. I recognized
 me with that calm but rugged voice the more I longed to hear that voice. This went on for months. I had gone from wanting to know why to needing to know who. His appearance, it's time for me to study and show myself approved by Him. This comes from being the best servant I can be through obedience, witnessing and testifying to all who
    I noticed that those strings had been removed and replaced with love for God. I learned what Jesus had done for me and Iíve been in AWE every since. I was just realizing that someone loved me all this time and I never knew. All the things that I had committed to, just for the idea of love was being removed, replaced and fulfilled by real love. Itís been almost three years of ongoing removal and replacement in my heart and throughout my life. This in turn feeds me what I need to develop into who God has called me to be.    
    That fire that was sat in me the year of 2015 is still burning within me. Prompting my spirit to eagerly learn everything I can about the people who loved me in such tremendous way that they would do such tremendous things so that I could be
saved. The more I listened to that calm, rugged voice, the more I'm stimulated to work under the authority of the
has an ear.
    Fighting the power of addiction isn't a joke. It can be a struggle. Sometimes, it's even devastating. But I [go] on [Facebook] to post and tell [everyone]. Just by lining your life up with God's will all these things are very possible and most likely to be more easier to accomplish. I got baptized in prison. And when I was totally submitted under water, chains of addiction fell off. When I came out of the water I left those chains there. Thoughts sometimes occured that lingered but when I was released from prison, I left those thoughts there and came out a new and improved WOMAN OF GOD. My calling is to be the best minister/servant of God's kingdom, that I can possibly be. I'm also blessed with a gift that will allow me to be able to work with people in need and people that has been or still remains a victim of addiction. God is love.