Volume 17

April 2018

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Women in Ministry
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The first time I felt as if God were calling me I was thinking there's no way God would ever see me in that way. I had just begun to read the bible out of curiosity. I wanted to know what would make a person love a batter[ed], broken, beaten addict such as myself. I wanted to know why would muffled the prayer, “LORD, save me. If you would just find a way to separate us, long enough for me to detach the strings to my heart from him.” Then I stop praying, realizing that I was literally praying. I felt I needed to make this prayer count. All of a sudden I was feeling the last chance feeling
God give His only begotten son for me. Praying for a way to find a decent thought that would cause me to cry out for deliverance, was hard for me to picture. My life was just mayhem. I was so bound in the life of addiction, I had lost the urge to feel emotions. had no will to be, no will to care, no will to live. Before the date of August, 2015 I was in my gut. I ask God to please save me. I talked to God in specifics on that floor.And He heard my cry.
It was after that prayer in August, 2015 D.P.S. Invaded my home and arrested us both. Jail is where I began to be sober enough to realize what I had told God on that cold floor.
so caught-up in the state of addiction, they had outgrown any survival techniques that I could muster. With the urges growing quicker that I was functioning, I began to feel beyond worthless, I was already running on no self-esteem and feeling unloved. I remember fighting with my boyfriend, receiving that final blow to the face, I crawled to the restroom. Laying in the floor, nose and ears bleeding, I  
Because of the circumstances in the situation, I was angry, bitter shame and resentful. I wouldn’t socialize for the first few weeks and then I heard a man say, “ Since you won’t come to bible study will you take a bible?” I looked and accepted explaining I wasn’t the come to jail, find Jesus type person. Then in turn that chaplain explained Jesus was never lost and he’s wanting to show me all the times He’s been right there for me without my recognizing Him.
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