Volume 17

March 2018

Issue 1 Page 3

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About this Ministry
   o Planning Team
   o Past Newsletters
   o Dorcas House on
   o Our Church's Web

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My name is
         Gina Newton
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Page 3:
  o Dorcas House News

Page 4:
  o Welcome to my
      Kitchen -
        Cathy Sifuentez
    o Chicken Thies
    o One Pan Roasted
          Pork Supper

Page 5:
   o Chocolate -

Page 6:
  o Upcoming Series
      Women in Ministry

Did you know that...

...Dorcas House is for everyone of all ages? If you like to sew, or want to learn, come join us on Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

...Summer Camp is coming? Nan Blount says, "We are trying to include all. This summer, we may need to expand to three classes - beginner, intermediate, and advanced."

...Dorcas House seamstresses make the Central Easter banner each year? Nan Blount, Monet Treat, Betty Moore, Carol Kilpatrick, Phyllis Woods, Jonice Thomason, are working with Kevin Schaeffer on it now!

…Dorcas House is an area of community outreach? Nan Blount tells of Harriet from Plemmons who recently came to DH to get yarn. She said, "I like to be with people." Nan helped her fill a big bag with yarn and invited her to return! She said she would be back to sew with us!

...Dorcas House is ripe with volunteer opportunities? Whether you are making baby kimonos for CareNet or Africa, quilts to keep the cold warm, working on a banner for the building, mentoring a budding seamstress, or any of the other wonderful things Dorcas House does, come be a part of something bigger than yourself!